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Trikone would like to commend SCOTUS decision to overturn DOMA

June 26, 2013

For immediate release


Trikone would like to commend the majority decision by the Supreme Court of the United States of America to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. Today's historic decisions will have lasting benefits to our community. Trends are positively shifting for support of same-sex marriages. With the overturn of DOMA, same sex couples who are married in states that recognize same sex marriages as legal will now be able to avail themselves to all of the equal rights and benefits, including the same federal tax, survivor, estate, retirement, and health-care benefits that straight couples already benefit from. The Supreme Court also ruled narrowly ruled on the Proposition 8 case, deciding that the opponents of same-sex marriage who were defending the case have no legal standing to bring the case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, nor the Supreme Court. Essentially, same sex marriage will resume in California.

Trikone is excited for today's decisions and we also recognize that marriage equality is only a small piece of our community's broader efforts to reach equality. We will continue to seek justice.

Tonight, we will be celebrating at Castro & Market at 6:30 PM at the "Day of Decision" Block Party & Celebration.

For Trikone,
Monica Davis
Advocacy Director
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